Quik Hot can be stored flat or folded to fit in a field pack,  snowmobile storage compartment or on a shelf at home.




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..a no brainer

The worlds climate is rapidly changing, from Tsunamis in parts of the world where none had been seen before to Hurricanes in New York city. Most people are not prepared for emergencies such as Tornadoes, earthquakes or power outages that can last for hours and even days. Having just one Quik Hot on hand can keep a family of four fed and clean for three evenings using whatever canned foods they have in their cupboard. No expensive special freeze dried foods are necessary.

‚ÄčAt only $24.99, Quik Hot is...a no brainer.

Quik Hot can easily be carried in a backpack. At only 10.75 Oz, it will have little effect on fatigue due to weight.

Our organic heaters actually become Milk of Magnesia after burning.

Quik Hot can be used in rain, sleet or snowy conditions. You never have to worry about wet matches, wood or tinder again.

The flameless stove..in a bag


For centuries there has been only five sources to create heat, electricity, wood, gas, oil and coal..up until now.

Using patented organic heaters, we have created the worlds only flameless hot water maker & food re-heater in a bag. Lightweight, portable and environmentally safe, Quik Hot has many uses.

Some suggested uses are;


Emergency Preparedness

Bugout Bags





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It can happen..

Nobody can predict a natural catastrophe. In the last two years there have been more natural disasters throughout the world than any other time in recorded history. Millions have died because they were not prepared. Quik Hot was invented to help people survive. For only $24.99 you can provide you and your family hot meals and hot water for three nights. All without fire, gas, or electricity.

Our customer service is located right here in the USA. You actually will be able to understand us when we speak, what a concept huh? If you ever have a concern or just want to chat, we're here for you 24/7.

the sixth element


When your power goes out and your gas lines are broken, how will you survive?

We still employ Americans

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See a product demonstration from Master Survivalist, Zac Coletti and learn about common applications, and view step-by-step instructions.

Make 1.5 gallon of hot water in minutes

Keeps heating for up to hour

Re-heat food while heating water

Reusable Solar bag included

Emergency reflector included

Can be used 3 times

Cost per use is less than $8.49

Organic heaters & activator packs

Easily stored



Uses no flames, gas or electricity

Watch Willie Shmidt from the Sportsmans Channel demonstrate Quik Hot in the field.

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We're no one trick pony

Quik Hot is just not for emergency preparedness. Whether your backpacking in a no fire zone, hunting, snowmobiling or Tailgating at the game, Quik Hot can handle it, no problem. 

For only $24.99, Quik Hot is a smart value

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After using Quik Hot last weekend on a backpacking trip I'll never go out again without one- Jim D. Boulder, CO

During the storms this winter we used Quik Hot when our power went out in below freezing temperatures. Sandy B.