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These are words you don't want to be saying when you're caught in a natural disaster or find yourself camping in the rain. Stay smart, stay prepared..



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Why you need it now, not later..

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Quik Hot can easily be carried in a backpack. At only 10.75 Oz, it will have little effect on fatigue due to weight.

Anywhere, anytime


Emergency preparedness? No special expensive dried foods needed, just use whatever foods you have on hand. Make 1.5 gallons of hot water for First Aid, personal hygiene, and washing clothes.


Backpacking? What if it's raining and there is no dry firewood? What if you run out of propane?

Hunting? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get clean after a long day of hunting? No smoke to scare away the animals?

Tailgating? Before you leave the house, put all your foods inside Quik Hot that you're going to use, ( precooked meats, canned foods), throw it in the car and off you go! No pots and pans to carry around, no dirty grills..nice!


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Duck hunting!


Willie Schmidt, from the hit TV show, Pure Hunting, demonstrates Quik Hot.

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Our organic heaters actually become Milk of Magnesia after burning.


...the solution to all of your  emergency problems

Organic-Flameless Hot Water Maker & Food Reheater...in a bag

For only $24.95, Quik Hot is a smart value .. for prepared people.

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Quik Hot can be used in rain, sleet or snowy conditions. You never have to worry about wet matches, wood or tinder again.

Quik Hot can be stored flat or folded to fit in a field pack,  snowmobile storage compartment or on a shelf at home.

  • Makes 1.5 gallons of hot water in under 7 minutes
  • Reheats 4 servings of food in about 25 minutes
  • Reusable solar bag included
  • When the outer bag is disassembled, it becomes an emergency reflector

           Can be used 3 times

  • Can be used in rain, sleet or snow
  • Lightweight at 10.5 Oz
  • Fit's easily in a backpack
  • Does all of the above, all without flames...


Emergency  Prep!